copywriting for small business owners

Does your website make you cringe?


You know it’s not helping your sales, but you’d rather clean the veggie crisper than write it yourself. I can help. I provide copywriting for small business owners and creative types, just like you.


Is your website costing you dream customers? I can help

I’m Leanne, a friendly, easy-going Australian, living in Vietnam. I provide copywriting for small business owners and creative types all over the world. I can help you connect with your customers through clear, creative words.

  • Do you need help to grow your business with words to inspire your ideal clients?
  • The ones you want to work with. Will pay you what you are worth. And contact you.

I know you

You’re a creative superstar struggling with “all the things”. I can help you with your small business copywriting so you can focus on what you do best. (And remove the dreaded website woes from your “to-do” list.)

I can help with: 

  • your website and SEO
  • your email sequences
  • your product descriptions
  • blog posts
  • social media
  • and all the things you do to make sales.

Client testimonial

Leanne was recommended as a “go-to” wedding copywriter. As an experienced wedding industry professional, I knew Leanne would know exactly what I needed. And she did. Leanne wrote an article I needed for a specific project. The enquiries I received genuinely surprised me. I had spent a lot of time marketing my business trying to secure more business. The article secured two weddings. Now I am using Leanne to tweak my website content and write some regular blogs. Leanne is passionate about the wedding industry. Her passion drew me to her initially. She took the time to understand my speciality, my needs and helped me identify my ideal couples so we could aim to reach them. It has been a pleasure to work with Leanne.

Cathrin D'Entremont

Owner, Cathrin D'Entremont Weddings & Events

Copywriting for small business owners. How I can help

Virtual Assistant

Do you control every aspect of your business? Are you struggling to stay on top of the day to day essentials? Are you running out of time to update your social media regularly? Imagine how life could look if you freed your time? Confident someone as passionate as you are about your business was on top of it.

Website Copywriting

Do you neglect your hardest-working employee? Your website sells while you sleep. Does it compel clients to contact you? Are you so proud of it, you show all your friends? No? We should talk. It’s time you treated your most valuable asset to a full day spa. Transform it into the lead generating machine you want it to be.

Blog copywriting

Let’s talk about blogs. Some may tell you blogs are dead. No way. Blogs sell. Regular, well-written blogs relevant to your potential clients build trust and authority. Google will love you. And a bonus gift? Every blog offers oodles of juicy content to sprinkle about your social media.

Single blogs, blog packages or a “keep em coming” solution for you.

Ecommerce and email

Does your online store tickle your ideal clients in all the right places? Compelling product descriptions, showcasing the outstanding benefits your products provide are the tickets to “add to cart”. Isn’t it smashing when you’re phone pings with another sale? Let’s get fingers clicking “Buy” with sales-driving product descriptions.

Leanne took charge of my social media presence and product sales on Facebook. A key sales strategy is posting in a large number of wedding based Facebook groups. I was struggling to find time to do it. My sales were dropping. With only a very brief handover, Leanne grabbed it with both hands and ran. Within one week my sales had grown enormously. I was absolutely thrilled. Now I have expanded her portfolio. Leanne does all my wedding copywriting, including re-writing all my product descriptions and completely review my website. I have a long list. I was able to reset my business goals when I found Leanne. She has allowed me to focus my time on strategic growth rather than drowning in administration. Thank you, Leanne

Yvette Sitters

Owner, Manage My Wedding

Small business copywriting clients

Testimonial Leanne Summers Copywriter
Copywriter Leanne Summers Testimonial
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If you told me about your business over a glass of wine, the words would flow, right? But writing it? Makes you feel a bit ick. I get it.

Your website is your superstar, showcasing your genius around the clock. No coffee required. You know you should nurture it more. But it takes so much time. And what do you write exactly? Website lingo, writing blogs and email strategy is exciting as reading washing machine instructions.

Stop stressing. Reclaim your time. Let me put a spotlight on your brilliance and put your business in front of the right people.

I help creatives who understand the value of words, targeted to reach your ideal customers. Strategic content that makes your business stand out in the crowd. Impossible to ignore. Oh, and get more bookings.

Copywriting for small business owners