Leanne Summers: the scoop

I write words your clients will love

Leanne Summers Copywriter

Sound like you: “I know I’m great at my craft, but writing about it is another story. My mind goes blank.

Besides, I don’t have time.”

This is where I come in. You’re in the right place. I could just be your new best friend.

Tell that voice to go away.

Let me put your business in front of your people.

Like a delicious cocktail. Mix, then shake a dash of your passion, brand voice, and the desires of your ideal clients. Stir sprinkles of Google love and some consumer psychology.

In no time at all, your dream clients will have a thirst only your cocktail can quench.

Let’s reach your new clients.

What’s in it for you?

I’m a creature of service, having been in the professional service industry my entire career, I tend to over-deliver.

Your time is important to me, set a deadline and I’ll meet it with polish, a smile, ready for feedback.

I’ll work around your timetable so you can achieve your goals.

You’re creative and I like a wee bit of structure (and a good belly laugh). I’ve learned this mix of brain power is unstoppable.


Always the seeker and explorer, life has been a journey. Everything I have done in my life adds to my writing.

A lawyer by trade I was quickly bored of billable hours. A tap on the shoulder lured me to the tourism and hospitality industry where I spent a healthy chunk of my life providing human resource and legal advice.

Around nine years ago my feet grew itchy and my brain tired of the corporate grind. Hubby and I found ourselves in Vietnam looking for a fresh view of the world. It brings new life to my writing.

I squeak with excitement when I see the word burden lift from your shoulders.

I have worked with Leanne since fall 2020 and I am a very happy customer. I am a blogger and what started out as proofreading my non-native English has turned into a full-blown strategic copywriting that adds so much value for me and my business. Leanne is customer-centric, flexible, trustworthy, super smart and her writing skills are just incredible. She always makes sure that the copy is SEO’d. What’s best she has her own point of view on things and she’s so much more than just a copywriter. Leanne makes my thoughts fly with her words and I can warmly recommend her services.

Hannele Korhonen

Founder, Villa Verto