As business owners, we know a blog is vital for you to find new customers. And promote your business.

Don’t have a blog? Let’s fix that.

How can blog posts find new customers?

A blog that is hand-crafted with intention will promote your business, and find new customers. Put your business right in front of your soul mate clients when they search online. That means new business, and why we are here! 

It sounds a bit daunting if you are new to it. It is fun if it’s your thing.

I also hear your pain: “I don’t write well”. “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t understand Google keywords.” “And it intimidates me just a wee bit.”

Hey, I understand. I can help you. You can write the words yourself and I can sprinkle the google juice and jazz it up a little. Or I can write them for you.

But I encourage you to give it a go. You know your business better than anyone else in the world. You’re the reason it exists and why you bounce out of bed to serve up your wedding magic, everyday.

How does a strategically written blog can help you find new customers? 

A top-notch blog will:

1. Be focused on your customer and their emotion and motivation

Couples getting married are new to the wedding game. We don’t marry every day. Couples are starting fresh: wedding noobs. Big dreams and desires for their wedding.  It’s vital you have a picture of your ideal client. Why? Because you cannot serve everyone. You don’t buy everything on offer at the supermarket. You buy the items you are motivated to buy. Same with wedding couples. Some want grandiose. Some want small and intimate. You know your customers best.

So you serve people who love your offering and they are the couples you want to reach with blogs.

Have a think about your couples. The ones who get excited about working with you. And you excited in return. Create a picture of them. Write it down. Names if you want. Where they live. What do they say when they book with you? What is motivating them? How does your wedding product meet their needs? What benefit does your business deliver? They are your people.

Blogs are a superb way to showcase how your business can deliver their dreams in spades. Effortlessly show how you are the person who can solve their problems. It’s all about how your business can benefit them better than anyone else.

2. Blogs build a personal connection between you and your ideal couples  

Wedding planning usually takes time. Couples use that time to establish an emotional relationship with professionals like you. They stalk your website, your social media and your testimonials. They are looking for the person who they will trust their day. Regular strategic blogs will build trust, display your values as a wedding professional and cement your place as the professional for their day.

Keep them coming, tap into what motivates your couples to use you. Answer their questions. Build relationships. Your couples ask oodles of questions. Showcase your products or services and answer the questions they ask.

3. Quality blogs keep the mysterious interweb search engines happy

If you publish quality content consistently, (quality blogs answer the questions your ideal couples are asking, before they even contact you), you’re growing your brand authority. Authority increases your chances of popping up on page one of the search results when people ask a question online. Cool, huh?

Even better, other wedding businesses who love your content may link it to their page (a digital version of acknowledging your expertise and genius.) They are called backlinks. If the backlinks come from wedding professionals who are authorities in the wedding biz, you’re climbing the ladder of recognition too. You are scoring big gold stars. For you, it means your website and killer words are getting free publicity on other websites. Spectacular outcome.

SEO is important and always changing. Always on the move

The search engines like Google, DuckyDuckyGo and Bing love quality backlinks. It shows them your stuff is useful and serves their customers so they’ll serve you up in the search results.

When I write a blog, the first place I start is with keyword research. I investigate phrases potential customers are typing into search engines. Just like you do when you search: “Where are the best rose wholesalers in my area?” 

SEO and keyword research is critical. You are even better placed to search for keywords because you know your business inside out. What are your ideal customers searching for when they are looking for wedding suppliers in your niche? Use those keywords in your blog. When your customers start clicking on the internet, you are more likely to show up.

I use the same process. It gives me the inside running on what people are looking for in your wedding niche: the questions they are asking? How often they are asking them? When I write strategically and use targeted keywords in the blog, it helps with getting your blog front and centre in the results. It takes time but gives incredible insight into what potential customers are searching for in your wedding niche. And it helps find new customers.

4. Bonus: you can turn each blog into bite-sized chunks to share across your social media. Build relationships and find new customers

This is a massive hoorah moment. Sometimes we stuck in a social media rut. What to post? Break a long blog down into chunk sized pieces for a half a dozen posts. The more love your share across different platforms the more you build trust and relationships. It’s one of my favourite blog benefits.

Where to next?

If keyword research, search engine optimisation or even sitting down to write isn’t for you, I understand. You are a creator. You create. 

I can do it for you. We can have a discovery call. No obligations. A chat about your business, your passion and your services and products. What desires does your wedding business fulfil? What pain points to they solve? We’ll focus on what your customers will miss if they don’t go with you – your point of difference. We can make a plan from there.

Or if you already have a strategy in place and need an expert to research and write it, I’m here too.

I love this stuff. It’s my jam. Let me do it for you. You can go forward and create in your zone of genius.

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Leanne Summers is a copywriting virtual assistant dedicated to wedding creatives. Based in Vietnam, she works with wedding creatives all over the globe. Helping them build their businesses with words targeting their ideal customers. As well as helping wedding professionals focus strategically on their business by taking the “day-to-day” keeping them stuck. A lawyer by trade with 19 years experience in the wedding, tourism and hospitality industries. Leanne is dedicated to helping you find new clients and grow your wedding business. Read more about Leanne here.