We want a small destination wedding in Vietnam. How much will it cost?

How much will my destination wedding in Vietnam cost? This question is like asking how long is a ball of string.

Firstly, weddings in Vietnam can cost as little or as much as you want them to be. And fantastic news. Because you can have the wedding you want, within your budget, and have a blast.

But let’s start with the average I’ve seen in my years in the industry.

Weddings are unique. Sometimes it’s only you two. Or a small group of friends and family. And often the guest list can swell to over 100 people.

For instance, a typical destination wedding has 40 guests. Resort weddings are popular. The wedding cost assumes your wedding is at a 4+ resort. But not all couples choose a resort because the options are extensive. And some couples have less than 10 guests. So please don’t let the numbers overwhelm you.

A traditional wedding ceremony and reception with 40 guests at a resort average USD$8,500 or USD$212 per guest. I am quoting 2020 prices.

By the same token, these figures are generous. You can reduce the cost significantly.

Next. If the numbers quoted above scared you a little bit, we should talk about “bang for your buck”. Critically, your hard-earned cash buys you a lot more in Vietnam. The bang for buck value is 10/10. It’s astounding.

As a result, the financial value is a thumping incentive to celebrate your destination wedding in Vietnam. Even better for the 40 die-hard friends and family who usually come and celebrate too!

However, I haven’t included travel, accommodation or wedding attire.

As a result, I’ve broken down your resort wedding celebration to include:

  • USD$100-120 per person. For the nibbles, drinkies (beer, wine, spirits) and reception feast. Plus, standard decoration. Decoration, like food and drink, is different from venue to venue (and your taste buds)
  • a wedding celebrant
  • a wedding planner
  • a DJ
  • a photographer
  • wedding bouquets and buttonholes
  •  hair and makeup artists

Everything listed above (including the food and drink) is a variable. I have used the average couples generally budget for their overseas wedding-holiday.

Most importantly, the cost of your destination wedding in Vietnam is determined by the number of guests.

Again – this is a guide only! A little bit like trying to put an average price on your dream house. It’s all about the fittings, fixtures, and decoration – the same as a wedding! If you want crystal chandeliers – expect to pay for them!

In a similar fashion, some couples spend as little as USD$4,000 on their wedding. Others go for the “all-out extravaganza” at a fancy resort and spent USD$100,000 on flowers alone!

Yes. Flowers!

Indeed, you don’t need to have your destination wedding in Vietnam in a resort.

In addition to the number of guests, the venue you choose will affect the size of your wedding wallet. Big fancy resorts have the prices (and services) to match.

However, a resort wedding can be great. Because sometimes the wedding package includes an experienced event planner. At the same time, they will coordinate everything for you.

 On the other hand, not a resort couple? That’s completely cool, too. You’re my kind of people, as well.

We love what we are reading. We want a small destination wedding in Vietnam on a budget. How do we reduce the cost?

This question is awesome.

There are countless ways to keep a lid on your wedding costs.

Here’s how to have a small destination wedding in Vietnam on a budget.

Most importantly:

  • Find a convenient time for you both and grab a bottle of wine or a cup of tea. Talk about what your marriage celebration means to you as a couple. Think about what it looks like for you? Talk about how you want to feel at your wedding? What kind of vibe or flavour do you want to create?
  • Agree on how many guests you may have. This will affect the price the most.
  • Decide on your “must-haves” and the “nice to have.” It doesn’t mean you a wedding that looks “underdone”. It will be magnificent.

Getting married is a big deal. It deserves the discussion. It’s a great conversation. The result will be the most genuine and enjoyable wedding you could imagine. Why? It makes your wedding real and “you”.

I’m a passionate believer in grabbing all the wedding “do’s” and “don’ts” and breaking them all! You’re coming to Vietnam to get married, so you’re cheeky rule-breakers, too!

Top tip: a wedding planner for your destination wedding in Vietnam is essential.

If you want a wedding within your budget, you need a wedding planner. For example, they are magicians who find the idyllic location for your wedding. Then bring your wedding vision to life. They are worth their weight in gold. Please budget for a wedding planner.

Planners know “who’s who”, “what is what” and get the best prices. If you’d like to read more about why you need a wedding planner, read more here.

Get a quote. You’ll see it’s a fraction compared to a wedding planner at home. Plus, you’ll have your sidekick lionheart taking care of everything.

(Please don’t get me wrong. Resort weddings are incredible. But they aren’t for everyone. Go for what works for you.)

What does your wedding look like now?

When you have a sincere discussion about what your wedding means to you, this is the result:

  • A personal and intimate celebration. It’s all about celebrating “You.”
  • Honouring the group of people who’ve traveled the oceans to be there with you.
  • A celebration location that showcases and celebrates your vibe.
  • And, well-considered, bespoke decoration reflecting your style.

Pure magic!

As a result, your friends will gush about the intimate and personal ceremony. The laid back wedding reception, Sometimes a sit-down dinner. Often cocktail party style with optional seating. (Post COVID, seated dinners will likely be the new norm.) Your friends may regale friends with the lion dance story. Or the bonfire on the beach.

Most importantly, your wedding planner is your guru here, breathing life into your vision. Your wedding holiday celebration will be the memory of your lifetime.

In summary, the price of your small destination wedding in Vietnam will depend on

  • the number of guests you have
  • the venue you choose
  • how much decoration you choose to include
  • how much you want to drink.

Essentially, what your wedding means to you as a couple.

Finally, some of the most incredible weddings are the ones just like these. Let’s make it yours.

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