We need to find a wedding celebrant. But we are stuck. We are unsure about what to look for or where to start. Here I’m going to share my must-haves to help you find a wedding celebrant.

What is a wedding celebrant?

A wedding celebrant or marriage officiant is the person who marries you under the law. A very dry definition. The grey is in the details. (Wedding celebrants and marriage officiants are the same things. Some countries use different names.

I am going to focus on western-style weddings (is that PC?) Many couples view the ceremony as something they have to do, between the dressing up and the party. 

A great celebrant can make a marriage ceremony the most memorable part of the day. Amazing celebrants can make the ceremony pop and sizzle. 

The best celebrants get to know you, your personalities and what makes you spark. Then weaves your story into a meaningful, personal ceremony. It captures you and your marriage commitment in your style. And your guests are smiling, leaning in, looking for more. 

When you find a wedding celebrant who’s right for, you’ll know.

How to find a wedding celebrant?

1. Most countries will have a government body listing all the registered celebrants. Dry as the Sahara. But a great place to start.

2. Usually, there is also a professional association of celebrant gurus. You might find a little more personality here.

3. But the real celebrant juice searching on the internet and social media. 

4. So, start by checking they hold the qualifications. Then focus on websites and social media pages. There is the key to finding your wedding celebrant. You can also ask for recommendations on social media wedding groups. 

Here are the essential things you need to look for in your wedding celebrant.

First, look for a wedding celebrant who gets you 

Yes. I found the one. I don’t have to tell you. You know when something works. You want to leave the meeting knowing they are your celebrant. It is surprising how much time you spend with your celebrant. Not follow you around like a reality TV show stuff. But they will want to understand your story and what makes you sing. Plus, they will set the tone for your day. 

So you must be confident and comfortable with them. A great wedding celebrant is your rock. The reason you can relax, let your shoulders down and enjoy your wedding. So if you don’t relate to them and have confidence in them, it will make it difficult. Make sure it feels right before you decide. When you have found the right wedding celebrant you will know. 

Secondly, your celebrant will want to know all about you and take the time to get to know you and what makes you tick

If it feels routine? Move on. 

The best celebrants are romantics at heart. Passionate about the concept of marriage. If they believe in it, it will show in your ceremony. They should be as excited as you about your decision to get married.

Third, an outstanding celebrant will help and support you

Getting married is a new concept for most of us. A great celebrant understands this. You may not have any ideas about your ceremony. You know you need to have one. Your celebrant will get to know you, join the dots, and bring it all to life. Your shining light in the dark.

Forth, terrific celebrants will have adoring fans

Couples say great things about them. Check their testimonials, reviews and experience. How many wedding ceremonies have they performed? What have other newlyweds had to say about them? 

Fifth, a fantastic celebrant will be calm, adaptable and confident

Not all weddings go to plan. A super celebrant will give you confidence they can respond to challenges. And still, make magic. Do you feel you can trust them if something goes wrong? In case it does.

Sixth, is their style collaborative or cookie cutter? 

Are they responsive and adaptable? Willing to explore unfamiliar traditions and cultural nuances? If you want to include unusual wedding traditions, are they open to it? Will your wedding ceremony be one of a kind – belonging only to you and your story?

Seventh, a great celebrant will be there for you

In the months, weeks and days leading to the wedding (and generally after!). Do you feel like you can contact your celebrant any time and know they will respond as soon as possible? 

Eighth, a super celebrant will recommend a rehearsal

A wedding rehearsal takes around 30 minutes and helps calm the pre-wedding nerves. The rehearsal is not only for your benefit. It’s also for your wedding party. 

Trust me, the people you have asked to help during the ceremony will be anxious about “getting it right”. Worrying about where they should stand and how they should walk. Most importantly, getting it right for you. The rehearsal helps everyone relax and breathe. And offers a safe place for everyone to ask all their questions. Where do I put my hands, where do I keep the rings, when do I sing? It’s also the time for your wedding celebrant to dish out tips and hints about the ceremony itself! 

Finally, the best celebrant for you will look forward to your wedding as much as you do. They will believe in your marriage

They will:

  • be at the top of their game
  • want it to be perfect 
  • be as excited as you
  • be there for you 

Why? Because they are jumping out of their skin with excitement for you. 

In summary, check they legit and start looking for the person who clicks: internet and socials. Once you have found your celebrant, you can relax.

Hot tip: start searching for your ideal person early in your planning. The best wedding celebrants book out years in advance. 

Have fun.

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Leanne Summers is a copywriting virtual assistant dedicated to wedding creatives. Based in Vietnam, she works with wedding creatives all over the globe. Helping them build their businesses with words targeting their ideal customers. As well as helping wedding professionals focus strategically on their business by taking the “day-to-day” keeping them stuck. A lawyer by trade with 19 years experience in the wedding, tourism and hospitality industries. Leanne is dedicated to helping you find new clients and grow your wedding business. Read more about Leanne here.